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What is the basis of the favor God has given us? Why does He do for us what He does? Is it based upon our goodness or our works? This class will provide answers to these questions. The student will learn about the importance that God places upon blood and its part in all the covenants He has established in His dealings with people. You will come out of this class with a new confidence in God and what He wants to accomplish in and through you based upon His covenant in blood.

The questions are these: does every believer have a supernatural ministry? Can every Christian really be used by the Lord? Are the Gifts of the Spirit listed in 1st Corinthians chapter 12 and 14 for the believer today, or are they just for a select few? Should every believer expect the spectacular to be evident in their life? In this class, we will look at some spectacular ministries of the past. We will examine the popular beliefs held by many in the church world in the light of the scripture, and determine the role that these gifts have in the New Testament Church. Hopefully, you will come out of this class earnestly coveting the best gifts, as Paul told us to do.

Your divine destiny is waiting at FASOM...
For whatever is born of God overcomes the world. And this is the victory that has overcome the world - our faith. - 1 John 5:4
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We offer a wide variety of courses that will not just give you "theological head knowledge", but to train you to become an effective minister, no matter what your calling is. Theology is important, and the Word of God always comes first, but we also have a desire to help you excel in leading, guiding, counseling, and helping others fulfill their divine destiny.

FASOM is not just for full-time ministers (the "5-Fold" ministry); if you have a desire to increase your biblical knowledge, FASOM is for you! All of us are called to the ministry in some capacity. We are called to minister to God through prayer, praise & worship and communion; we are called to be ministers of reconciliation, reconciling people back to their God through Jesus Christ; we are called to minister to our friends and family; and, some of us are called to the full time ministry...all of us are called! FASOM will help you be a better minister in all these areas.